Picture dump

I’ve been sick for weeks on end 5 days and I have lots of pictures to share, but I lack the ability to come up with anything witty to say about them. So, there you have it.

My parents came up last weekend so that my dad could help Kevin hang a new door in his office. While the men were busy working, my mom and the kids had a tea party.






Then my mom discovered that we have an apple tree in our yard. How did we not know that we had an apple tree?!


The apples were so NOT ripe, but Presley chowed down on one anyway


While the kids were outside watching construction on the door, they discovered an Orb Weaver that had spun a web in the flower garden.


Always the home schooler, I took that opportunity to have the kids do a nature study using our Handbook of Nature Study


And after spending Sunday cooped up in the house being sick, we decided to go have a labor day picnic in Cloudcroft.


And last, but not least, we had a really rainy day on Wednesday and I was still so sick, so I decided to let the kids paint. Caedmon, much like every other day, did not want me taking pictures of him while he was working and his project isn’t finished so he won’t let me take pictures of that either. *sigh*



Alright, that’s all. Move along.



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2 responses to “Picture dump

  1. Laura Jane

    is that yogurt in presleys tea cup?! lol
    and… i forgot. crap. oh yeah… you can buy a gallon of organic milk?!?! we only get half gallons down here. no fair!

  2. We discovered three fruit trees in our yard after living here for two years. Apple, pear, and cherry. I learned two things that week: 1) walk around to the other side of your garage every now and then, and 2) those beautiful, ripe red cherries look just as beautiful and ripe to hungry and gluttonous birds.

    Alas, we shall have cherries to eat next year.

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