…and they were never heard from again

I am coming to you, dear reader’s, as the last surviving member of the Leggett clan. A horrible tragedy befell the other 3 members of my family last night and I shall recount the story to you here.

This is, of course, a cautionary tale.

Yesterday evening, after a delightful dinner, we loaded up to take our evening walk around the neighborhood. Presley didn’t feel like walking on this particular evening so she got strapped on and off we went.

The route we decided to take this particular evening was quite long and after about a quarter of a mile, Presley was pawned off between daddy’s shoulders and her own two feet.

Apparently Presley has acquired a taste for 80’s style. Rad.

We’d walked about a half a mile at this point and turned around to discover that we could no longer see our house. That’s fine though, right? I mean, how dangerous could an evening walk in the mountains possibly be…?

Apparently there was no real concern amongst the hikers

We press on

And then we came upon a bit of a road block

I get the feeling they don’t want people trespassing?

Oh surely not. If they didn’t want people to come in they wouldn’t have made the gate so climbable. Obviously.

With that small hurdle behind us we tackle the long, steep trail up the mountain…unsure of what lay ahead

As we reached the top of the hill and rounded the corner, we discovered the most lovely little pond

It appears that people have been here before…people who don’t know how to build a sturdy bench…or giants.

I’m leaning towards giants

Drunken giants

“Hey Mom! Dad wants us to go explore this rusted old shed!”

“Um…honey…I don’t think that’s safe…”

“Oh it’s fine dear! What’s the worst that could happen?!”

Famous last words.

What happened then, faithful readers, is too horrific for words. It will haunt my dreams for as long as I live.

I made the long journey home by myself. Only stopping to let the deer pass…

…and only turning around to ensure that the hideous creature wasn’t coming after me next.

I made it home just as the sun was going completely behind the mountains. After taking a moment to ensure that all the doors and windows were locked, I sat down to let it all soak in.

What? Does everyone not handle their greif with video games?

Please send candy.

And comics.

Oh, and could someone make sure the dish bill gets paid? I need my cartoons to comfort me in my time of loss.



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4 responses to “…and they were never heard from again

  1. Cel

    LOL I love you for this. I needed a giggle today.

  2. gidget

    I think we need to come out there for a hike!

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