The Hitchin’ Post

Ever wonder what’s in the local paper of a tiny mountain town with a population of 124?

Well wonder no more!

Here are a few selections from this months publication of The Hitchin’ Post.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The front page of the paper is mostly taken up with announcements of birthdays, anniversaries, and congrats and then leads into, what I consider to be the highlight of the publication, Comings and Goings:

“Bobbie Sue and Duke attended a family reunion in Arkansas and hosted on in their home the latter part of July”

“Bill and Laura Jane attended their daughter’s wedding July 12 which was held in TX. The wedding was beautiful! Laura Jane did all the decorations, trasporting them from Weed to TX.”

“Tosha Marigold visited family and friends in East TX”

“Jimmy and Melissa Ray Smith’s daughter, Dana, and her grandchildren, Kirstin and Kade, visited in late July. The family went camping and horseback riding and just generally enjoyed the togetherness.”

“Mitchell Jennings and Cindy Smith paid a visit to their Weed retirement home in late June.”

In the Congratulations! section

“Jon Cameo drew a youth Ibex hunt in the Floridas mountains south of Deming!”

We then have a few articles. One of which was a 2 pager that detailed Tosha Marigold’s trip to visit friends in East Tx.

Then there’s the Garden Forum, where you’ll find individual updates on all the locals who have gardens and what their current trouble spots are.

After that is a community calendar and a list of all the area churches.

And then this…wasn’t even in a ‘section’. It was just…sort of…there.

“Peter and Kathy Cameo are looking for a male guardian dog (Akbas, Anatolian, or Great Pyrenees) to breed their female Akbash.

Garden is doing well, except for tomatoes, ’bout ready to give up on them. Most got curly leaf disease and are dying. Asparagus, squash, pumpkins, green beans, watermelons, cucumbers doing awesome.

Saw a horned toad at 8,800 feet elevation.”

I love this paper…so much. I just hope, someday, we have the honor of gracing it’s pages.



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11 responses to “The Hitchin’ Post

  1. Tosha

    Why did you have to use my name to protect the innocent?

  2. Laura Jane

    I have graced the pages of the paper!!

  3. jennabourland

    That. Is. Amazing.

    I feel like when we come visit you, that will HAVE to make headlines.

    “Tosha Powell from the big city of Plainview, TX and Jenna Bourland from the even bigger city of Tucson, AZ (we didn’t even know a million people could live in one place!!) stayed with Amanda Leggett and her family last weekend. They sat around discussing the Twilight Saga and drinking margaritas. Please pray for them.”

  4. amandaleggett

    Tosha. Take a cue from LJ and be honored.


    I can’t even…begin to explain to you how hard I’m laughing.

    I’m wheezing a little. And Kevin almost choked on his Reese’s cup when I read it to him.

  5. That is hysterical. Guess you can’t hide anything living there. It would be a bad place for a criminal to go :-)

  6. gidget

    ROFLMAO! Better than the Mountain Monthly from Cloudcroft…um, almost. I really didn’t know such newspapers exsisted until we moved here.

  7. Belinda Niemi

    Hey kiddo, why don’t you write an article about moving to Hay Canyon and submit it to the Pinion News. It’s a way to introduce you and your family to the community and you might become a regular contributor. You certainly have the writing talent. And it’s a good way to make friends in the country. Living the rural life can take a little getting used to, but when I look back on my time as a young mother in Sacramento, we lived in Sacramento for a year when Matt was 2 and James was a baby. I cherish the time spent with the locals who taught me how to garden and put up food. I joined the County Extension Group and we would meet once a month at someones house for lunch and learn a skill. Like decorating cakes, making home made cosmetics, and upholstering furniture. If it still exists, you could have it at your home and teach the ladies how to make jewelry. There is a lot to be said for the simpler life. But my darling when you live in isolation, you have to reach out and make the most of your time there. You won’t always live this way and it’s a gift. Love you!

  8. amandaleggett

    I actually thought about submitting an article/photos…but I have no confidence in my writing or my photography, so I won’t.

    We’re getting involved though! We’re going to Weed Baptist church and we really love it and Kevin is doing community basketball night with the guys and stuff. We’re really starting to love it here!

  9. Snarfy

    This is what every newspaper should be like. Who cares about a kidnapping in europe, ya know?

  10. Belinda Niemi

    You’ve got to be kidding about your writing talent and your photography!!! You my dear could write books professionally.

    Love you!

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