First Day of Fall Festivities!

I kind of…maybe…didn’t know that it was the first day of fall until I heard Al Roker say something about it while I was watching the Today Show in bed this morning.

But I quickly came up with some fun first day of fall activities…or I may have used the first day of Fall as an excuse to make pumpkin spice donuts. Either way…


Contrary to what the look on Presley’s face depicts, they were good…really good.

Then, for our daily nature study, we drove up the canyon a bit to visit the pond and talk about leaves.

Look, we have a key!


I asked the kids to look for a tree that had leaves that were either yellow, brown or orange.



Presley was convinced that she could climb that gigantic tree to reach her own leaf. Poor thing.


Shockingly, Presley was unable to reach a leaf, so I told her to find a tree that was all green and to pick a ‘leaf’ from that tree.


We put the leaves in the car and I let the kids run around in the Fall sun before getting down to some learnin’





Then, on the way back to the car, we found a hoof print. Deer? Elk?


Then we curled up with the little gigantic Handbook of Nature Study to figure out what kind of leaves we found, why they were changing (or not changing) colors and how the weather played into that.



Happy Fall!



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6 responses to “First Day of Fall Festivities!

  1. Wife&Mommy

    Aw looks like they had fun..
    Such beautiful pictures! I love the trees they are so beautiful :)

    How long till she figued out she couldnt try the tree? Hehe so cute…

    DD said yesterday morning on the way to prek “mommy autumn is another word for fall” I said why yes honey it is. Then she said “Look mommy the trees are turning brown it fall!”

    It was so sweet im glad shes learning so much at pre k this year :)

    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Grammy

    Way too big for a deer…..most probably an elk!

  3. amandaleggett

    That’s what I thought too. It was HUGE! Bigger than Presley’s foot.

  4. Kelly

    Margot has the same PJ’s as Presley… we didn’t wear them last night cause here in Texas we’re still running the air conditioner and you should know I’m jealous hearing of your fall outings and roaring fires.

  5. Looks like a fun day! Thanks for the book suggestion. I added it to my Amazon wish list. :)

  6. Is the pond really that clear?? Crazy…

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