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I’m not dead

No, that’s a lie. I am dead. This baby is killing me, slowly, from the inside out.

I’ll write a real post as soon as I go a whole day without puking.

So…don’t hold your breath.



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the things that come out of their mouths…

Said by Caedmon, while wrestling with his teddy bear

“You want some of this? Well do ya, Weaksauce?!”

Said by Presley, in the sweetest voice, as she was cuddling with me on the couch

“I wuv you Mommy. Let’s pound it.”

*fist bump*

Said by Presley after she took off her sneakers after a long hike

“Will you please smell my beautiful feet?”


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And baby makes 5

If you follow me on Facebook…or Twitter…or any of my mom forums, then you already know this (and you now know that I use far too many social networking sites). But, for the 2 people who read this blog and don’t use any of the previously mentioned sites, then let me fill you in.

Saturday night, when we were at a friends house for Kevin’s birthday celebration, and I surprised him with a quite an…interesting gift.

For those of you not well versed in pee sticks, that’s 2 pink lines and 2 pink lines means there’s a bun in the oven!

The estimated date of the new Leggett arrival is June 6, 2010.

And, for prosperity humiliation sake, here’s a picture of my 4 week belly (read:flab)


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First Day of Fall Festivities!

I kind of…maybe…didn’t know that it was the first day of fall until I heard Al Roker say something about it while I was watching the Today Show in bed this morning.

But I quickly came up with some fun first day of fall activities…or I may have used the first day of Fall as an excuse to make pumpkin spice donuts. Either way…


Contrary to what the look on Presley’s face depicts, they were good…really good.

Then, for our daily nature study, we drove up the canyon a bit to visit the pond and talk about leaves.

Look, we have a key!


I asked the kids to look for a tree that had leaves that were either yellow, brown or orange.



Presley was convinced that she could climb that gigantic tree to reach her own leaf. Poor thing.


Shockingly, Presley was unable to reach a leaf, so I told her to find a tree that was all green and to pick a ‘leaf’ from that tree.


We put the leaves in the car and I let the kids run around in the Fall sun before getting down to some learnin’





Then, on the way back to the car, we found a hoof print. Deer? Elk?


Then we curled up with the little gigantic Handbook of Nature Study to figure out what kind of leaves we found, why they were changing (or not changing) colors and how the weather played into that.



Happy Fall!


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Just stuff…that we do…and such

I obviously lack the creativity of coming up with a title to this post.

Deal with it.

This one here. She’s good with the puzzles.

Scary good.

Come on. Don’t act like you could do this puzzle when you were 3!

The other one? He’s good with numbers.

Really good.

I had to explain Roman Numerals once. 1 time. That’s it. And he ran with it and solved all 10 of these problems in 2 minutes flat.

He also declined to have his picture taken. Jerk.

Also, I didn’t realize he had checked that book out from the mobile library until after I made that Roman Numerals file folder game.

I mean, let’s face it. I don’t pay attention to what my children are checking out from the library. Pish. I have more important things to do. Like take pictures of cows.

You thought I was going to post a picture of a cow just now didn’t you, DIDN’T YOU!

Don’t lie to me.

While Caedmon was doing Roman Math…come on, don’t act like that’s not an important life skill…Presley was matching lower case letters to their upper case companions.

Don’t let that smile fool you. .002 seconds after this picture was taken, she threw all those cute little hearts on the ground and yelled “I HATE ALPHABETS!”

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the readership that my children dress themselves.


Another activity that’s been popular around the abode this summer is water color painting.

Now, we’ve got an activity table dedicated to all the kids crafty pursuits, so I don’t have to worry about thin paper letting paint bleed through and such…but I still don’t like cleaning it up.

So I whipped out an old package of paper plates and let the kids go nuts! They’re thick enough to hold all the watery paint, supah cheap, and in near limitless supply around here thanks to all the people who stayed here when this house was a vacation home!

Caedmon took a stack of paper plates outside today and painted some landscapes that I love, but I haven’t taken pictures of them yet.

No, I don’t always have my camera strapped to my neck.

Oh FINE! Yes, I’m lying. Are you happy interwebz?! Yes I do always have my camera strapped to my neck. I just haven’t unloaded those pictures yet and I’m too lazy to do it right now.

That’s all. Carry on.


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Living with Presley is also special

Presley walks up to me yesterday and says,

“Sink* I want dis Princess dress off. You help me?”

I dutifully take the dress off while she further explains

“I has to go potty. I’m gonna poop and dis dress is tooooooo girly for dat.”

I’d like to see you argue that logic.

*this is how she says ‘I think’

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Country living is so…special

Have I ever told you, dear reader’s, that I hate moths? I really…really hate them. They’re all spaztic and floppy and they can’t control themselves.

People say, “Oh come on, Amanda. They’re just like butterflies.”

Nay. They are not ‘just like butterflies’. There is nothing graceful about moth as it sputters and slams it’s body into a light bulb. Nothing at all like a butterfly.

What was I talking about?

Oh yes, country life.

So I knew there was a moth problem up here and I was a bit screamy and jumpy the first couple of weeks, but now I have, for the most part, learned to coexist peacefully with them.

Well, that is, until yesterday.

We were headed out for our daily trip to the post office yesterday afternoon when I innocently grabbed my purse that was sitting benignly next to my chair in the living room. I already had my sun glasses on so I couldn’t really see the purse strap as I was grabbing it, but I could certainly feel the unmistakable crunch of dead moth under my hand as I lifted it up.

In the interest of journalistic integrity I feel obligated to tell you that the instant my hand crunched that moth I dropped that purse like a hot potato and began screaming and squeeling and jumping around the room like the sissy girl that I am.

And then I began pouring Purel over my hand with such vigor that youd’ve thought it was holy water.

Kevin, being the manly man that he is, calmly scooped up the purse and tossed the offending creature in the trash. But as he walked past me I caught a glimpse of what looked like hundreds of teeny, tiny sparkly pearls in little clusters all over my purse.

Oh no she didn’t! That hussy had the audacity to lay EGGS all over my PURSE before she died on it. Oooooooh no ma’am. Not cool.

And then…AND THEN I realized that I had YARN in that purse. And not just any yarn. No. I had beautiful self stripping, baby soft wool sock yarn that was already 2/3’s of the way knit into quite a lovely sock, if I do say so myself.

I immediately dumped the contents of the purse onto the floor and started frantically picking apart my yarn as Kevin scrapped off the eggs.

Did I mention this is a fairly rare purse handmade in Uganda and was only available at Invisible Children screenings over a year ago and can’t be purchased anymore? Oh I didn’t? How silly of me.

As soon as I was certain that my yarn was in the clear, I dumped the purse in the washing machine and washed it on Hot. Twice.

Excuse me while I go douse my hand in Purel. Again.

In other news…

The kids seem to be a fan of all the insects the mountains have to offer. Especially Presley. She just loves playing with bugs of all shapes and sizes.


But I’m trying not to instill my utter disdain (read:abject terror) for bugs onto my offspring, so I encourage their blossoming interest whenever possible.

With that in mind, when I was hanging clothes on the line the other day, I happened upon a tiny little inch worm. Well, I can handle an inch worm! No problem! Nothing scary or disgusting about those little guys.

So I called the kids out to the back yard and had Presley bring the little guy in the house so we could do some good ol’ home schoolin’ and research what exactly an inch worm is.

We looked in Caedmon’s insect book and didn’t find anything. So I pulled out the Children’s Animal Dictionary, nada.

The kids really didn’t care anymore at this point, but I was bound and determined to figure out what the heck an inch worm actually is.

Google to the rescue!

I clicked on the first link that Google offered up and as I was scrolling through the page this picture jumped out at me

“Huh” I thought to myself, “that’s an odd looking butterfly…”


“Is that…? Surely not…”

And then my eyes land on this sentence

“…larvae of moths of the family Geometridae, a large, cosmopolitan group with over 1,200 species indigenous to North America.”



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