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the things that come out of their mouths…

Said by Caedmon, while wrestling with his teddy bear

“You want some of this? Well do ya, Weaksauce?!”

Said by Presley, in the sweetest voice, as she was cuddling with me on the couch

“I wuv you Mommy. Let’s pound it.”

*fist bump*

Said by Presley after she took off her sneakers after a long hike

“Will you please smell my beautiful feet?”



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The Hitchin’ Post

Ever wonder what’s in the local paper of a tiny mountain town with a population of 124?

Well wonder no more!

Here are a few selections from this months publication of The Hitchin’ Post.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The front page of the paper is mostly taken up with announcements of birthdays, anniversaries, and congrats and then leads into, what I consider to be the highlight of the publication, Comings and Goings:

“Bobbie Sue and Duke attended a family reunion in Arkansas and hosted on in their home the latter part of July”

“Bill and Laura Jane attended their daughter’s wedding July 12 which was held in TX. The wedding was beautiful! Laura Jane did all the decorations, trasporting them from Weed to TX.”

“Tosha Marigold visited family and friends in East TX”

“Jimmy and Melissa Ray Smith’s daughter, Dana, and her grandchildren, Kirstin and Kade, visited in late July. The family went camping and horseback riding and just generally enjoyed the togetherness.”

“Mitchell Jennings and Cindy Smith paid a visit to their Weed retirement home in late June.”

In the Congratulations! section

“Jon Cameo drew a youth Ibex hunt in the Floridas mountains south of Deming!”

We then have a few articles. One of which was a 2 pager that detailed Tosha Marigold’s trip to visit friends in East Tx.

Then there’s the Garden Forum, where you’ll find individual updates on all the locals who have gardens and what their current trouble spots are.

After that is a community calendar and a list of all the area churches.

And then this…wasn’t even in a ‘section’. It was just…sort of…there.

“Peter and Kathy Cameo are looking for a male guardian dog (Akbas, Anatolian, or Great Pyrenees) to breed their female Akbash.

Garden is doing well, except for tomatoes, ’bout ready to give up on them. Most got curly leaf disease and are dying. Asparagus, squash, pumpkins, green beans, watermelons, cucumbers doing awesome.

Saw a horned toad at 8,800 feet elevation.”

I love this paper…so much. I just hope, someday, we have the honor of gracing it’s pages.


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Living with Presley is also special

Presley walks up to me yesterday and says,

“Sink* I want dis Princess dress off. You help me?”

I dutifully take the dress off while she further explains

“I has to go potty. I’m gonna poop and dis dress is tooooooo girly for dat.”

I’d like to see you argue that logic.

*this is how she says ‘I think’

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