Surprise vistor for Caedmon!

The other day (read:in bed at 1am) I was browsing around on facebook when I saw that Caedmon’s best friend’s mom’s status was “Going camping in the Sacramento mountains of New Mexico!”

And I stopped breathing.

Because, that’s where we live and such and no one ever just happens to be going where we live. Because we live in the middle of nowhere.

So I frantically typed something in all caps and I don’t even know what it said but evidently I managed to convey the message that I desperately wanted her to call me so we could get together.

She called, lunch plans were made, and I decided not to tell Caedmon.

Longest two days of my LIFE. Ugh. I wanted to tell him so bad!

Friday rolled around and when they knocked on the door I asked Caedmon if he would answer it. He opened the door and Beverly was standing there (Evan was getting stuff out of the car. He stood there for about 30 seconds…in complete stunned silence. Then he screamed “EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” and shot out the door like a man on fire!

Please take note that his feet are hardly touching the ground

I didn’t get many pictures of them because they didn’t sit still much at all while he was here, but I did manage to snap a shot of them playing Chaotic

And this one…which looks like Caedmon just punched Evan in the face? To the best of my knowledge there were no violent outbursts during lunch

Beverly, Kevin…thank you so much for stopping by the house. It meant so much to Caedmon. See you in two weeks!


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