A day in our life: going to town edition

The kids were coloring and whatnot while Kfed and I loaded up the van. Please note that Presley elected to dress like Minnie Mouse for this particular trip.

Some the wildlife we encounter as we leave the mountain

A quick stop at the dumpster. We have to drive here (about 10 miles from the house) everyday to take out the trash

Driving down the mountain

We’re literally in the clouds up here

…and then our windshield wiper broke…but Kfed fixed it

20 miles down the road and we’re in the desert!

See that white stripe in between the hills? That’s White Sands. It’s about 25 miles from where this picture was taken.

Here’s a better view

This is the view from town (Alamogordo) looking back home. It was about 68 degrees at home and about 92 in Alamo!

Town. Woo! Exciting!

So, we decided to eat at this restaurant, Memories, because it was cute and we like cute things.

I mean, of course we like cute things. Why else would we keep these kids around all the time?

Wait…what is that hideous faux finish behind Presley? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Well that’s not cute at all. You know what else isn’t cute? $13 for chicken strips. We won’t be eating there again.

Then we had to go to Wal-Mart to get our tire fixed (which a whole ‘nother story) and get groceries. This is Presley begging Caedmon for change

2 hours, 2 shopping carts, and an unspeakable amount of money later…we’re ready to go home.

When we finally got home (at 9:30pm) Presley went nuts trying to find the toy she bought with her dollar


And then we all put away the groceries and passed out. The end. Amen.



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4 responses to “A day in our life: going to town edition

  1. These are great DITLO’s

  2. What’s is this? I thought you died? Nice work.

  3. I went to highschool in Alamogordo! I had no idea you lived near there, good to see the pics! :)

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