He may never be the star athlete

But he will always have a heart the size of Texas.

At Caedmon’s soccer game yesterday the kids were running down the field and a little girl from the other team fell down and got trampled by everyone running behind her. Caedmon (being at the back of the pack) stopped, knelt down beside her, asked if she was ok and helped her up. Once she got up he patted her on the back and said “Come on, let’s go. You can do it!” and ran along side her till she caught up with her team. All the while the game was still going full swing. Never once concerned for himself or the game, just that that little girl was ok.

Then, at half time, Caedmon and another girl from his team came and sat down on the ground in front of us. Presley toddled up and sat down beside him. He looked over and, with a huge smile on his face, says, “Hey Pooh!* Whatcha doin? This is my friend McKinnley. Can you say hi to her?” He sat and chit chatted with her during his break then when it was time to go back to the field he gave her a hug and said, “Thanks for sitting with me Pooh, that was so nice of you.”

I know that no matter what happens in the weeks to come, no matter what diagnosis we receive, it won’t change this amazing boy God has given us. It won’t change his heart.

*Pooh is his nickname for Presley, which is a spin off of Poodle, which is one of my many nicknames for Presley.



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7 responses to “He may never be the star athlete

  1. Kevin Leggett

    Caedmon’s love affects his father’s heart in so many ways. I hope you enjoy your “big day” today, since he’s been planning it all night.

  2. Mom


    I love that little boy SO much!

  3. Liza

    He is such a special little boy. I wish so much we could all be together again. (At least someday when Celia and he marry we’ll be in-laws.) BTW, Celia says she wants to be married under a “romantic tree” like a willow. And she just wants a small wedding. But she and Caedmon already agreed on 80 kids…

  4. Oh my goodness! That about made me cry. What a blessing you have. Don’t you feel so privileged when you see your children acting like Jesus?? Ugh, it gets me everytime!

  5. Hi, so great to meet you, too!! Hope the moving has/is going well… it hasn’t sunk in for us, yet, probably at least in part because we haven’t come “home” from work until 10pm most nights.

    I am trying not to look at the three rooms stacked with boxes and hyperventilate, and instead remember that God provided us a wonderful opportunity to live rent-free for nine months while we build. And I am trying to pray for the understanding and patience that all of us, but particularly I, will need as we live with the in-laws during this time.

    But I particularly feel for you–how to wrangle children during a move must be some kind of superpower!! Prayers sent your way!

  6. That is such a cute story. It must be a wonderful feeling to see that you’ve raised a child with such a kind heart.. I don’t think a parent could ask for anything more.

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