That’s how many books my kids have. That’s not including curriculum. If you include just the literature in our curriculum that number jumps to 307. That does not include text books or work books.

I think it’s time to admit we have a problem.




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5 responses to “244

  1. Kevin Leggett

    Who said being a bibliophile is a problem? Now, if you cataloged them….

  2. Mom

    I think maybe YOU have a problem since you actually took the time to count them! :)

  3. amandaleggett

    Yeah well, after you’ve picked them all up off the floor eleventy billion times you begin to wonder how many books you’re actually mentally cursing at all day!

  4. offlikeapromdress

    Ha! I was gonna say that maybe the bigger issue was that you knew how many books you had, but I see someone beat me to that!

  5. tobethode

    I think it is awesome Amanda! I bet we are close to that number. :)

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