Flashback blogging part duex

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I had the privilege (read: duty) to attend one of Caedmon’s many pre-school parties this afternoon. I generally love going to these little events, however, the last 4 weeks they’ve learned about a new country every week and had a country-themed party EVERY FRIDAY.  I know a party doesn’t sound like anything to be annoyed with, but “party” in pre-school language roughly translates to: “all-the-stay-at-home-mommies-come-and-bring-all-the-food-and-set-up-the-entire-party
-then-stay-and-clean-up-the-party-because-really-what-else-do-you-have- to-do-besides-eat-chocolate-and-watch-Oprah”. I can deal with that once a month, but every Friday gets old. I digress, even though I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of serving juice and animal crackers to eighteen 4 year olds, I was somewhat excited about the prospect of a little adult conversation. That being said, I actually took the time to put on makeup and even iron my clothes (gasp!).  So, I waddle my large self into the party room feeling like I looked a notch or two better than a bloated beached whale. Then the following conversation took place between me and one of  the other mom’s.

Other Mom:  “Wow, you look like you’re about ready to have that baby.”

Me: *looking down at my gigantic protruding belly* “Yeah, I’ve really gotten big these last few weeks.”

Other Mom:  “I can just tell by your face, you’ve got that…that…”

*At this point I’m already smiling and batting my eyelashes, thinking she’s going to finish that sentence with “that glow”. So I was getting all geared up to tell her that, in fact, I fake that pregnancy glow with my new Bare Escentuals Mineral Make-up (which is FABULOUS, btw).*

Other Mom cont.: “…that pregnancy look, ya know? You’ve filled out…your face has gotten fat.”

Me: “Well, you see it’s this new…wait, what? Oh, um…I guess…well…yeah…um…I hadn’t noticed.”

Other Mom: “Oh yeah, it’s definitely filled out. You’ll be having that kid in no time. Your due date is the end of this month right? I bet you won’t make it another 2 weeks.”

Me: “Actually, my due date is the last week of March/first week of April.”

Other Mom: “Oh…”

*Awkward Silence*

Me: “I’m gonna go help Carol with the juice…”

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