Caedmons first concert!

This past Friday, I had the amazing opportunity to take Caedmon to Ignite Youth Conference in Lubbock to see his all time favorite band, Barlow Girl!

Here he is anxiously waiting for the concert to begin (notice the earplugs)


A Road Less Traveled opened up for Barlow Girl and they were amazing!

Then it was time for Barlow Girl!! They were awesome and their drummer talked to the kids about purity and she had me in tears!

After the show Caedmon had ARLT sign his cast


I thought that I recognized one of their guitarists from college but figured that was a long shot. Come to find out, he was a WBU cheerleader!


Then, after waiting in line for…ev…er it was time to meet Barlow Girl! Caedmon got a poster, drumsticks, and a CD signed and the girls listened to him talk about how much he loves them and how he broke his arm. They were so sweet to him!


I’m so glad that I got to share this experience with Caedmon. I hope it’s a night he never forgets!



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3 responses to “Caedmons first concert!

  1. Love Barlow Girl! Pics are too cute. I should have done that for my boys when they went

  2. That’s awesome. I love Barlow Girl, too. :-)

  3. Oh God, what an experience! Going to a concert with your kid!
    I also want toooooooooo!

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