What happens when Presley gets quiet during school time?



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3 responses to “What happens when Presley gets quiet during school time?

  1. Tell Miss Presley that she looks MAHvuhlous, Dahling! :-) Vh1 has had an America’s Next Top Model Marathon going on…and the first thing I thought of when I saw Presley’s “makeup” was that it looked VERY Model-esque…they smudge black stuff all over their eyes all the time… She must be going for that “edgy” look! haha I always wonder when the girls get quiet… I’ve often found myself having this internal dialogue: “Girls are quiet. Probably doing something they shouldn’t be. Ah well. I’d rather get (fill in project here) done and clean it up later…” :-)

    Just FYI – there’s this stuff from Melaleuca.com that I love for cleaning carpets, it’s called Sol-U-Mel. Never tried to remove mascara with it…but if there’s a cleaning product out there to clean up mascara…it would be Solumel. :-) And the rest of their stuff is fantastic, too.

  2. Liza

    We had a dog once that liked my mom’s make-up. Imagine a large airedale with blush on his beard and whiskers. Go figure this is the same dog that died from eating my mom’s purse!

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