Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy trip to the ER!

It’s a tradition in our house that we spend Christmas at my mom’s house in New Mexico so we always have our family Christmas the week before Christmas day. We never tell the kids when we’re going to do it they just know that when they hear Feliz Navidad blasted loudly from our stereo, that means it’s Christmas time! (I know, we’re weird.)

So last night was the night. We got Caedmon all tucked into bed and started blasting the music about ten minutes later.

First came the stockings:

Then the big gifts:

And the whole sh’bang:

So all went well. The kids loved their gifts and were busy whirling around the room in their capes jumping off the couch and whatnot.

Kevin kept urging us to go to bed but I was having way too much fun video taping the kids and watching them enjoy the gifts.

Then it happened.

I told Caedmon that when I was a kid we used to play a game where one friend would lie on their back while the other sat on their feet and they would launch them into the air…like superman. He though that sounded like a ton of fun so I urged Kevin to play along. He thought it was a bad idea, but said he’d do it anyway.

Kevin got into position on the floor, knees to his chest and Caedmon hiked himself onto Kevin’s feet. And at that moment Presley realized that she was being left out of the game so she decided to make her presence known by slamming her body full force onto Kevin’s face. As a (literally) knee jerk reaction, Kevin kicked.

I sat there helplessly as Caedmon went flying about 5 feet into the air. Before he even hit the ground I was screaming, “Kevin!! OH MY GOD!! KEVIN OH MY GOD!!!”

He someone managed to twist mid air and land face down with, I thought, his head taking most of the fall. I scooped him up and sure enough he had carpet burn on his for head and he was crying this…weird cry. I checked his pupils and they looked fine but he kept begging to go to bed. I told him he couldn’t do that until he calmed down.

When he finally stopped crying enough to talk to me he kept telling me that his head was fine, but his arm hurt. I turned his arm over and it was swollen and bruised.

So, we loaded up at 10pm and headed to the er.

After about an hour in the waiting room and another half hour doing x-rays and sitting in the exam room, we got the news. A small incomplete fracture just below the wrist. Thankfully the on call doctor was one of our good friends so he spared us a call to CPS even though, when asked how this happened, Caedmon kept saying “My daddy threw me!”

The put him in a plaster splint and a sling and told us to see the orthopedic surgeon today. We’re having a hell of a time trying to get into see him, but that’s a whole other story.

Merry Christmas, Caedmon!



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2 responses to “Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy trip to the ER!

  1. Poor Caedmon. Hope he heals quickly. I do love their capes and masks though :-)

  2. I hope you feel better soon Caedmon!

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