It’s that time of year again…

Time to dress my kids up and put them on display while they beg for candy that I won’t let them eat! WOO HOO!

After many, many weeks of agonizing Caedmon finally decided to be a rock star for Halloween. Since he’s already got the mohawk and a guitar, I was fully on board with that idea!

Add to the mohawk some red gel, eye liner, black nail polish, fake tattoos, cut up and bleached Goodwill shirt and a box of safety pins and you’ve got yourself a Rock Star!

Presley is sporting a very girly, incredibly adorable bumble bee fairy costume snagged on eBay for $7! I can’t get over the cuteness factor, but I am a little sad that it’s the first costume either of my kids have worn that hasn’t been made by me.

As an added bonus, at about midnight last night Kevin decided that he was going to be Dr. Pauly Lackey (his boss) for Halloween. He’s sporting my mother’s dress, my jewelry, a sad attempt at a wig (via head band and hair piece) and…wait for it…PANTY HOSE!! A vision of beauty.

To round out our fall festivities, we participated in the annual Home School Hay Ride last weekend. It was a bit chilly, but we had a blast.

Caedmon is on the left in the camo hoodie and I don’t have a clue who the clown is! Pardon the excess fabric draped around me, I’m not trying to start a new trend I promise. I just forgot that I was sporting a ring sling without a child in it. It’s mom chic…or something.

And last, but not least, we’ve got our mini parade of pumpkins and gourds! Normally we just barely manage to get one pumpkin carved with a generic smilie face on it, but this year we pulled out all the stops and had not one, but 3 pumkins and a gourd!

Sadly, one of our pumpkins refused to cooperate for the photo session.

Happy Halloween everyone!

P.S. Be on the lookout for pics of the kids at Jason’s house. He should have them posted late this evening.


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One response to “It’s that time of year again…

  1. Funny!! The black nail polish really makes it.

    Polly (from CMF :))

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