Happy birthday to me!

I could’ve entitled this “How not to have a good time on your birthday” but I really am trying to avoid a pity party even though I’m so sick I can’t see straight and Caedmon has impetigo and Presley has 3 teeth coming in on top of the cold she’s already got.

In that vain, let’s number the things I’m thankful for today:

* Waking up to Presley draped across my stomach and mumbling in her sleep. Something about num num’s, I’m sure.

* Coming into the living room to find a little red sack full of pictures drawn by Caedmon wishing me a happy birthday.

* Loads of emails and messages from my friends who live far away but still love me enough to remember my birthday!

* My husband calling me to tell me to be dressed and ready at 1 because he’s got a surprise for me.

* Mike and Amanda, our wonderful Alaskan friends who are making me a birthday cake so that I don’t have to make one for myself. And who are, in general, a blessing to us in so many ways!

* My mom and dad who gave me two of the best birthday presents EVAH!

*26 healthy years (well…not so much healthy today) spent with my friends and family.



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5 responses to “Happy birthday to me!

  1. Happy Birthday! I read your husband’s blog and he always says such wonderfully sweet things about you. So when he asked us to wish you a Happy Birthday, I did! Hope you feel well soon.

  2. Happy B!

    34 for me this week!!? I’ve felt crummy and have a mouth full of cold sores or something.

    BUT, I am thankful to be getting a new dishwasher, and that is enough! (Yup, I’m definitely 34…happy about a dishwasher for a birthday gift! )

  3. AW~I missed it? *HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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