Honey, this is why the laundry never gets folded…

First, Presley finds Caedmon’s pile of clothes and harvests all the underwear.


Your eyes do not deceive you, they’re 5 layers deep.


Oh wait, she missed a pair!


“No Presley, I’m not putting on another pair. Absolutely not.”


My resolve, it is not strong.




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4 responses to “Honey, this is why the laundry never gets folded…

  1. Kevin Leggett

    Ah, she’s beautiful. I am convinced that even 6 layers of underwear look good on the little princess.

  2. My brother, Trae, sent me over to view your page… I have two girls, 5 and 3, and so I can completely relate to the above post…minus the spiderman and spaceships…ours have dora and hello kitty… ;-) I love those gorgeous blue eyes!… I have no resolve against my beauties’ green ones…bat those eyelashes at me, and suddenly, I find myself granting access to the cookie jar, candy bag, and even the sugar canister…
    Love your banner at the top…did you create that yourself?

  3. Found your blog via ravelry. Gotta tell you, I laughed and laughed at this! My 2 year old went through a stage of doing exactly the SAME thing with my 8 y/o’s underwear. Funny how they have to put on every piece of it they can find. She does look adorable with her very padded booty :)

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