I know you wish you lived at my house

This is my latest creation to keep my kids out of my hair…er, I mean keep them happy. Kevin thought I was crazy but now that he sees how much the kidlets love it I think he agrees that it’s a welcome addition to the family room!

Without further ado, I give you the wrap swing!

This is Caedmon’s first turn in the swing. It’s the only decent one I have of him because he won’t sit still long enough to let me take a flippin picture!

You can see what’s left of the staph infection in this photo

Presley spent a good half hour laying in the swing last night singing to herself

Here’s what that looks like from the inside

Here’s the swing set up

And here’s the “swing” being used for it’s intended purpose, carrying babies



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7 responses to “I know you wish you lived at my house

  1. Liza

    I love it! And the mom in the photo is gorgeous! I love her hair…

  2. Looks like a blast to me!

  3. Liza

    Oh, and by the way, Yes, I do indeed wish I lived at your house…

  4. Laura

    When I watched disabled kids for summer school, they had a swing just like this. The physical therapists used it all the time for some of the kids. So, it is a great thing to have.

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