Like mother, like daughter…

Presley – 14 Months Me – 3 years old



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8 responses to “Like mother, like daughter…

  1. two are twins!!

  2. DANG! Poor Kevin…she hasn’t inherited any of his looks.

    Even more importantly…photo quality improvements over 25 (or so) years.

  3. amandaleggett

    Hey now Trae, that photo is only 23 years old…no need to make me older than I am! ;)

  4. Kevin Leggett

    I am going to have to buy a shot gun, because we know how gorgeous she will turn out.

  5. I don’t get it… does this mean that she’s aging faster than normal? ;)

  6. That is truly amazing! Good thing you are both beautiful!

  7. iamweiser

    Okay. With the two pics side by side, I see just how much she looks like you. You’re both beautiful!

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