Top 5 Baby Must Haves!

As per recent requests, I’ve decided to make a list of my Top 5 Baby Must Haves. This is an ever growing and changing list, but as of this moment these are what I consider the cream of the crop when it comes to baby accutrement!

1. Aside from a high quality car seat that is properly installed in your vehicle (ahem, see post below), the next most valuable baby item is a baby carrier. You can find everything you ever needed to know about babywearing at, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of my faves.

The type of carrier you use is really a matter of preference, but I will tell you this. Those Snugli/Infantino/Bjorn (aka structured carriers) are a waste of money people! Not only are the wretchedly uncomfortable, but they also put a lot of stress on the babies spine. So, for a newborn I suggest a pouch sling or a ring sling. Once your baby has gained some head/neck control a Mei Tai can’t be beat for comfort and versatility! However, we still use our pouch sling (picture below) quite often with Presley being 15 months old and 22lbs!

Here is a picture of Presley at 4 weeks old and I using a Slingling pouch sling:


Same sling at 5 months old:


And here we are (7 months old) using an Eden’s Mei Tai:


And here’s a back carry with daddy in the Eden:


I now have quite a collection of Mei Tai’s ( and a few ring slings on the way) and Daddy now has a camo Mei Tai but we haven’t gotten any action shots of those yet.

I can’t stress enough the value of a well made, well fitting baby carrier. It is a life saver for mom’s and dad’s who need to do something other than sit and hold their baby all day, and it’s so much better for baby than being transferred from car seats, to swings, and cribs all day. Babies need to be held people!


2. And now to completely contradict my above statement, my next must have is the Bumbo Seat!

Yes, I firmly believe that babies were made to be held. But, eventually baby will want to sit up and look around and you will not want to be stuck holding your wobbly infant in a sitting position all the live long day. And that’s where the Bumbo Seat comes in to play! What’s so great about this seat is that as soon as your little one can hold his/her head up he/she can sit in the Bumbo. Both of my kids were late sitters and couldn’t sit well unassisted until 7-9 months old. Without the Bumbo we would’ve spent many a night at the dinner table holding an unhappy baby!

Here’s Presley in the Bumbo at 7 months old (that bump you see on her head is from falling out of the Bumbo!):



3. Next up we have the Euro Bath Tub. I found that my kids were extremely hard to bath until they learned to sit up really well on their own. My mom says she never had an issue bathing us, so she’s obviously a better woman than I because bath time was always hell for us until we purchased this miracle tub! It’s specially shaped so that infants can recline safely in the tub without the help of mom or dad. This tub revolutionized the frustrating, back breaking bath times with our kids and Kevin and I can’t say enough good things about it! In fact, when I consulted Kevin about my Top 5 list his first response was “You already put the Euro tub on there, right?!”
Here’s Presley in the Euro Tub at 3 weeks old:



4. In those first few weeks of acclimating ones self to nursing in public, the Bebe au Lait is an invaluable product! At the age of 15 months Presley would put up a heck of a fight if I tried to cover her up while nursing but, this product really was a life saver during that awkward time when we were working out all the kinks of modestly nursing in public.

Although you could very well just toss a blanket over your shoulder and call it a day, that never worked for me and my kidlets! My issue was always that I couldn’t see the baby to get them latched on, and the baby couldn’t get comfortable with a blanket all up in his/her face. This product solves both of those problems by using a rigid boning at the top of the cover so that you can see baby and baby can eat without being smothered! Genius!

I don’t have any action shots of Presley and I using our Hooter Hider because, honestly…I never bought one I just made one of my own! So, here is a picture from their website:



5. And last, but certainly not least, we have cloth diapers! I know, I know. Most of you think that those chemical laden paper diapers are God’s gift to mom’s. And most of you won’t ever dip a toe into the cloth diapering world. But, it is definitely one of my Top 5 Baby Must Haves!

There are oodles of cloth diaper option out there these days from traditional pre-folds and pins (or snappi’s), to pockets, all-in-ones, and wool. It’s really a sea of possibilities and just Googling the term “cloth diapers” will bring up literally thousands of sites. A great place to sort out all the options is a wonderful online community devoted to all things cloth, DiaperSwappers.

We Leggett’s are pocket users and our most preferred pocket would be the bumGenius 2.0 One Size Pocket Diaper. This little miracle of a diaper fits babies from 8lbs-35lbs! It’s super trim and we’ve never, ever had a leak…not even over night!

I encourage everyone just to give cloth diapering a try. Just buy one or two diapers and see what you think. I promise it’s not as scary as your mom/grandma makes it out to be. We don’t have any buckets of bleach water filled with diapers around our house, and I’ve never had to stick a poopy diaper in the toilet and swish it around, and I promise that my house doesn’t smell like a dirty diaper! In fact, when we used disposables with Caedmon his diaper pail smelled so awful that we kept it locked in a closet…but Presley’s cloth diaper pail is sitting right next to the washer and dryer (in the kitchen) and you’d never know it had diapers in it!

Ok, ok. I’m getting off my soap box so that you can see Miss Priss sporting her bumGenius 2.0 in Blossom:


So there you have it folks, my Top 5 Baby Must Haves!



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4 responses to “Top 5 Baby Must Haves!

  1. HEY! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! =) Those are some great finds!

  2. Kevin Leggett

    You forgot to add a great mom!

  3. Carrie

    What a thorough article! I definitely vote for the ring sling since I’ve had a pouch sling also. The ring sling is my all time favorite because of its supreme adjustability and that you can use it as a nursing cover very easily. There are some really good sites with info on making your own diapers too. Check out for that.

  4. you carriers are so pretty. i love the eden!

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