An open letter to my frequent vistor, RE: “Under Boob”

Dearest “under boob” searcher,

The first few times I saw you in my blog stats, I thought it was odd. But now, there you are everyday. You diligently wade through the piles of websites Google lays at your feet and faithfully click on mine. Every.Single.Day.

I care not why you first entered the term “under boob” into your search engine. But I would like to know, out of morbid curiosity, why you continue to search “under boob” every day in order to find me? It really doesn’t have to be as complicated as all that. There are much simpler ways to visit my site, I promise.

I would love to know, “under boob” searcher, why you are so interested in what I have to say? I mean, I’m sure it was a disappointment to come here the first time and see that the only discussion of boobs revolves around breastfeeding. Not quite the excitement one would hope for when searching for “under boob”, I’m sure. So why, dear “under boob” searcher? Why do you love me so?

Yours Truly,




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8 responses to “An open letter to my frequent vistor, RE: “Under Boob”

  1. You’ve got an under boob fan visiting you…that’s funny!

    And a little weird…

  2. That’s just too bizarre!

  3. At least it’s traffic….

  4. HA! That cracks me up! …still no baby btw…

  5. hey..don’t be offended but I had to delete your comment on my typepad because my xanga is private and my friends and family have access to typepad. I will soon be exclusively at typepad so feel free to continue to comment there! I have added you to my reader list as well so others can visit you…hope thats ok!?

  6. Kevin Leggett

    I don’t want to know.

  7. hey! this really has nothing to do with “under boob,” but I was wondering if you could help me out? My best friend is pregnant and I was hoping you could share with me some of your favorite things that I could look into getting her. Let me know. Thanks =) Asher

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