So, everyone knows how I feel about car seat safety, right? It’s one of my biggest passions in life. There are few things more satisfying to me than looking back and seeing my kids properly strapped into their car seats. I absolutely dread the day that I have to take Caedmon out of his 5pt harness, or turn Presley around forward facing.

I would love nothing more than to become a Certified Car Seat Safety Technician. But, until that day comes, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout the years of research I’ve done on car seats.

This is an excellent video explaining the importance of keeping your children rear facing for as long as possible.


When purchasing an infant/toddler car seat it is of utmost importance to purchase the seat with the highest rear facing weight limit you can find. Presley is in the Britax Decathlon. This seat will allow her to be in a rear facing, tethered position until she is 33lbs. At 14 months old she is close to 19 pounds and is still on the lowest harness slot. She will likely be 3 years old by the time she reaches the 33lbs mark. At which point she will be able to use this seat forward facing until she reaches 65lbs. Although Britax seats are expensive they are also the most rigorously tested seats on the market, they are American made, and offer an ease of installation that no other seat on the market can come close too. They also last from birth till 4-5 years old and therefor save you the time, money, and hassle of having to buy 3 separate seats to get your child safely through those years.

This video is a touching tribute to a boy who lost his life while riding in a properly installed belt positioning booster and thusly illustrates the importance of keeping your children in a 5pt harness for as long as possible.


Caedmon is currently riding in the Ride Ryte no back booster with the EZ-On Kid-Y harness. Although I’m thrilled to have him in a harness instead of an adult seat-belt, this isn’t exactly the ideal seat for us. For one thing, you’ll notice that this isn’t a true 5pt harness as there is no crotch strap and there is no side impact/cranial protection. I’m hoping to get him into a Britax Regent very soon, but if that doesn’t happen at least he is exponentially safer than he would be in a belt positioning booster.

Parents, please don’t ever, for one minute, think that it’s ok to let your kids ride in a vehicle without being properly restrained. Even one quick trip to the store can end tragically. And please, please do not turn your kids forward facing, take them out of a 5pt harness, or remove them from their boosters until it is absolutelynecessary. Car seats may not be convenient but the extra time and effort you spend buckling them up will save their lives.



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10 responses to “PSA

  1. iamweiser

    Well, you finally got me to watch the carseat videos. Now I want to go out and buy a Britax. Which of course is impossible. The carseats I do own, are rated well, though. Better than Evenflo! I’m still left needing to get a booster for David. I won’t be able to make it a Britax, though. I’ll just have to pray more thoroughly…

  2. katenmiasmom

    I love my Britax! : ) Great reminder on car seat safety. What really burns me is people allowing children to sit in the front seat of cars with airbags. I see it ALL the time. Now that scares me as much as the baby hanging out of the car window!

  3. Kevin Leggett

    And for this, I Love you.

  4. Thanks for blogging about me! I know my seat is very safe.

    I promise I’ll blog about that on my blog too!


  5. P.S. You really need to try my video game mommy!

  6. cassiesmommy

    Thank you for this video. My daughter will probably be rear facing until she’s 13 years old (lol) because she only weighs 17 pounds 6 ounces at 16 months old. We did have a Britax but when we went to the Car seat Safety Check they said that there wasn’t a way to tether it properly because our car was not designed with a rear facing tether in mind. We bought a Graco ComfortSport for now. It is rear facing until 30 lbs and forward facing until 40 lbs. The back isn’t as high so once she is forward facing we will buy another Britax. I work at a school and I see so many families without proper restraint. I am so pleased when I see my ten year olds in a size/weight appropriate restraint. I once saw a woman holding her young infant in on her lap in the passenger seat and I became nauseous.
    By the way I am Liza’s sister-in-law in PA. You and your family seem like such wonderful people. I’m glad that the Texas Weisers have you while they are so far away from family.

  7. what a great video…thanks for the info!

  8. Laura

    Hey, friend of Kevin’s via achaea.

    Anyways, I work at McDonalds and Saturday when I was doing drive thru taking orders. There was this one lady that had her two year old girl sitting in the front seat with no car seat. The kid wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt! I got so mad. I copied her license plate like you mentioned a few weeks ago. Though, I’m afraid I do not know how to call or if I can report it now. Do you happen to know who? I live in Spokane, Washington.

  9. iamweiser

    Okay, you know I love you… But when are you going to post something new?

  10. Dave

    I don’t know if u are interested but there is a Company Called Columbia Medical ( that makes a car seat for kids and young adults up to 135 lbs ( )

    I hope this helps


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