All about P-doodle

My poor mom hasn’t seen her grandkids in quite sometime, so I thought I’d ease the pain (or maybe worsen it?) by posting a couple of enteries dedicated to the kidlets.

First up, p-doodle.

I tried to get Presley to do some signing for the camera. She knows about 14 signs now and I thought I would be able to get her to do a good chunk of them while I filmed her. No such luck. Here’s what I did manage to get out of her:

Here we have Presley and her knew love, Virginia.


Yesterday we had some friends over and the kids decided to play in the sprinklers. Fun!


Presley had about 5 minutes of “fun” before she asked her daddy to please rescue her.




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5 responses to “All about P-doodle

  1. Mom

    SO adorable! I need to kiss her!

  2. every kid should have a Cabbage Patch!

  3. What a doll! I can’t believe how big she is. She was just born yesterday wasn’t she? :-)

  4. Kevin Leggett

    Absolutely beautiful in every way. I am going to have to say that she gets that from you.

  5. Thanks for the advice! We are CD’ing so I will wait and see. I wasn’t sure if we needed to or not but I went ahead and packed 2 for the hospital and also a pj set for her. I am not sure what they put her in at the hospital. I packed a stocking cap as well because I want to get her good and used to hats…I have bought way too many hats for her to not like wearing them!

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