She’s such a girl…sort of?

100_1872.jpgPresley has found a passion in life and that passion is fashion! She spends her days foraging the house and laying at my feet myriads of shoes, skirts, underwear (usually her brothers), bows, and jewelry and excitedly signing “on” while thrusting various body parts in my face.It’s such a joy, as a girly girl myself, to watch my little princess stand in a pair of daddies flip-flops with brothers underwear on her head. The look on her face tells you that she sees the cover of Vogue in her future.

One can’t help but think, “She is such a girl.”

This touching display of pageantry is almost always followed by an awkward crawl to the yarn basket. Losing an accessory or two on the way rarely slows her down. She carefully selects her two favorite shiny, purple knitting needles out of the basket. Thrusting one into my hand, she gracefully lifts the other above her head and shouts “HEEYA!”

At least she’ll be the best dressed tomboy on the block.

P.S. Caedmon has updated his blog. Check it out!



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5 responses to “She’s such a girl…sort of?

  1. Kevin Leggett

    That’s my girl!

  2. Hey girl, this is “Must_be_authentic” from xanga. This is my alternate, more “general” blog so I will probably comment on yours from there now…just so ya know!

  3. Did you make your own layout or do you have a place your get yours from?

  4. Hehe, underwear on the outside worked for Superman…

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