One Year Ago…Yesterday…

Geez, I can’t even manage to copy and paste an old blog entry in everyday! I’m a pathetic excuse for a blogger! :P

March 25, 2006

40 Weeks 1 Day

Notice how I’m not smiling? Yeah. That’s because I’m so over this whole being pregnant thing. I could not possibly be more ready to get. this. kid. out.

Here are a few signs that you are, in fact, ready to give birth:

1. You become insanely jealous when you watch the screaming women writhing in pain on A Baby Story.

2. You haul your unreasonably large body up and down the stairs praying that the motion will somehow induce labor.

3. You’re secretly excited when you trip and fall down those last two stairs for the 3rd time in 2 days because you think that maybe, just maybe, the jolt might cause your water to break.

4. You become ecstatic when you are struck with a sudden sharp pain in your abdomen and subsequently dissolve into tears when you realize it’s just gas.


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