Filling Big Brothers shoes…and his underwear

Recently Miss Priss has started hunting down Big Brothers shoes, bringing them to me and waving them in my face while holding her little feet up in the air, begging me to put them on. It’s precious.

So, today while I was folding laundry I heared the familiar “EH! EH! EH!” and turned around to assist my youngest with her little game of dress up. However, this time she not only had Caedmon’s soccer cleats, she also had a pair of his underwear…and she already had one leg in.

I tried to pry them away from her but she cried like she’d lost her best friend so I finally gave in. As I type this she’s sitting in her rocking chair, happily eating her breakfast and very proud of her little outfit.



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2 responses to “Filling Big Brothers shoes…and his underwear

  1. Chas

    Oh my goodness..that is too cute!

  2. Liza

    I LOVE the photo! And the great thing is, David said, “Let me see!” He laughed then asked, “What’s she chewing on?” I answered, “A waffle,” (I did forget to tell him it’s organic!). He laughed even harder. I think he found the joke to be the waffle and not the underwear or cleats!

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