Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

It’s that time again! “What time?” you ask. Time for Amanda to apologize for being a woefully neglectful blogger, of course!

Ok, so I’ve once again let my blog slip into oblivion. But I have good excuses, honestly I do. I’ve even got cute excuses…two of them!

Ok, so that was just a shameless ploy to post some pictures of my adorable kids.

In all seriousness, life has been really hectic around here. We spent some time in New Mexico over the holidays, Kevin’s been working 70+ hours a week, Presley is extremely mobile and vocal, and poor Caedmon has been left to his own devices most days. I’m trying to get things organized so we can really focus on home school for the next few months before Summer rolls around.

So, how was everyone’s Christmas/New Years?


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One response to “Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

  1. C.C.

    Adorable kiddos :-)

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