Say Cheese!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Jason before, right? And I’m quite sure I’ve gone on and on about how he’s an extraordinarily talented photographer and that if you live anywhere near Plainview you simply must have him photograph you and your family. And I’m positive that I’m quoted on his site as saying:

“Jason is the most uber cool rockingest photographer ever! My child can be difficult at times, but Jason was able to work with that and capture him being himself. I was amazed at the fast turnaround time and the way he captured my son’s personality.” – Amanda Leggett

Alright, so anyone who’s ever read the Leggett’s blogs knows that we love Jason. That being said, we feel as though we’ve cheated on our favorite photog…

When we visited my family over Thanksgiving the ‘rents decided that we needed a big family photo session so we stopped by Jennifer Duff’s house to do just that. She was great to work with and we had an absolute blast! I think the pictures turned out wonderful so I thought I’d share a few of the proofs with y’all.

Whole family
(Presley, me, my little sister [Karli], my mom [Grammy], Kevin, Caedmon, my dad [Papa])



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4 responses to “Say Cheese!

  1. C.C.

    WOWEE!! Awesome pics!

  2. massivetruth

    Admittedly, the kids are beautiful because of you.

  3. mira

    awww. makes me want to dress my family up and find a photographer. Too bad he/she’d probably only speak sicilian, and we’d get so lost trying to find the place that once we got there everyone would be tired and hungry and not in any mood for smiling, lol.

  4. C.C.

    Did you get my e-mail and IMs? Please contact me :-)

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