Cake or Death? Death please. No! I meant Cake!

You’d think that typing out a few sentences on my blog every few days wouldn’t be beyond my realm of capabilities, but apparently you’d be wrong. You’d also think, do to my lack of posting, that I’m not on the computer much and you’d also be wrong. Her majesty has decided that the only appropriate nap time routine is for me to bounce her on my shoulder while sitting at the desk. I can’t see how that could possibly be comfortable, but whatver. If she’s sleeping, I’m happy.

I digress, all this extra computer time has, sadly, not resulted in anymore blog posting than usual. Mainly because I only have one free hand during the duration of the nap. I don’t like typing one handed.

So, yes. When I lack a witty story to impart it becomes glaringly obvious that I’m not much of a writer, no?

And now for an open letter to Mr. Olan Mills photo dude.

Mr. Olan Mills Photo Dude,

I realize it’s your job to sell me pictures. And I realize that you don’t make any money off of me when I just bring my family in to get a free church directory photo taken. But, can I be honest with you Mr. Olan Mills Photo Dude? You’re pictures? They’re not so good. My family doesn’t look attractive lined up in a row in front of a blue marbled background with fake smiles plastered on their faces. I wish we did, but we don’t. Ok, now I’ve lied to you, I don’t wish we did. And also, Mr. Olan Mills Photo Dude, it’s ok if Presley wants to put her fingers in her mouth when you take the picture. She’s a baby, that’s what she does. It’s actually considered a good thing to capture her personality in the photo. It’s not, however, considered a good thing when she’s screaming her head off because you keep pulling her fingers out of her mouth in attempts to make us look like the Cleavers. Just a friendly tip. I mean, I’m not a photographer or anything. :)

In closing, I’d like to apologize for cutting our photo session short and, in doing so, preventing you from taking loads of pictures that I have no inclination to purchase. I can see that you were more than a little irked about that. But, to be honest Mr. Olan Mills Photo Dude, I’m more than a little irked that our staff got Jason photos and we didnt. So ;p.

Good day,

Mrs. Amanda Leggett



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4 responses to “Cake or Death? Death please. No! I meant Cake!

  1. Amanda

    Hee hee! I dare you to actually send that! He should know the truth! :) And I’ve got some FBs for you if you want ’em! A couple white, a yellow and a seafoam. Interested?

  2. Amanda

    Btw, I love your new skin! (At least, I’m assuming it’s new. It’s been a while… *blush*)

  3. Laura

    First off, let me introduce myselk, I am Laura, on of Kevin’s friends from Achaea. Through him, I found your blog and I’ve been a big fan of your postings since then.

    Now as for that letter, I almost fell out of my chair in a fit of giggles. Just not too long ago, my family had our pictures taken for the church directory and they kept on trying to get us to buy more and more photos besides the free 8×10 that we’d get. Plus, I hated every single pose and picture that was taken.

  4. mira

    funny, one of the best (read: ONLY) family portraits of my family is from a church phone book photo shoot several years ago. They gave everyone one 8×11 or whatever that size is, and it actually turned out really nice. The guy didn’t try to take more than that one shot though; he could tell we weren’t used to being that close to one another for that long.

    ~mira (newlywaaz on ds,

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