When Good Babies Go Bad

Ok, so I’ve been a pitiful excuse of a blogger for the past…um…3.75 weeks. But I’ve got good reasons, I swear I do.

Reason #1: We started homeschool on the 5th and I gotta tell ya peeps, homeschool takes up a lot of my time! It’s going really well considering the woeful lack of curriculum I’m working with and the fact that we’re dealing with a classroom of 1. Caedmon and I have hooked up with 2 active homeschool groups so things are looking up!

Reason #2 (and the story behind the title): Presley’s got teeth and she knows how to use them! Last Saturday at approximately 4am Presley was nursing, I was sleeping, and something went horribly wrong. I’m not sure if she had a gas bubble, or if her teeth were hurting, or what but that child bit me like I’ve never been bitten before! The bite actually wouldn’t have been that bad if I was awake, unfortunately I was asleep and I immediately jerked back which apparently told her she needed to bite down harder. I can’t begin to tell you how much havoc can be caused by one tiny little bite. Not only did she make me bleed, but she broke blood vessels and ultimately caused an infection. Needless to say, this has been an insanely hard week. I managed to make it through the ordeal without giving into the ever growing temptation to stick a bottle in her mouth, and I’m more than a little proud of that.

Other than that, not much is happening around here. Well, we are going to Harvest now and that has caused a lot of changes in our family. I can’t put into words the huge impact that our new church family has made in our lives. I hate that it took us 6+ years to find our way to Harvest but I know God put us there in His timing, not ours.

That’s all for now. I’ll see y’all in another 3 weeks or so.



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2 responses to “When Good Babies Go Bad

  1. C.C.

    Praying for yall as you get a schedule going for homeschooling. It will come together after awhile. Praying for you and Presley as well!

  2. Grace

    I comend you for your bravery in starting homeschooling with your young children. I’ve been hsing for 10 years. It takes alot of time but there are alot of rewards. I hope you enjoy it and have alot of great memories.

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