I’ll take "Amazing Moments" for $500, Alex.

I went to pick Caedmon up from KC Summer Blast at Harvest and one of the teachers grabbed me and said “Oh good you’re here early, we need to talk to you about Caedmon.” I immediatly began to panic because that obviously meant that Caedmon had done something terrible and they were never going to let him come back to church, right?

Much to my relief, and pure joy, that was not the case. The exact opposite, in fact. Caedmon prayed and asked Jesus into his heart last night!!! When the teacher told me this I, quite unexpectedly, burst into tears. I mean, I wasn’t really surprised as Caedmon talks about Jesus all the time and tells everyone he knows that they can’t go to Heaven unless they know Jesus, etc. But still, knowing that my son had taken the biggest and most important step in his life brought on the water works. Thankfully the teacher and the other mother I was talking to cried right along with me!

Now I know that some of you may think that a 5 year old doesn’t have the ability to really ask Jesus into his heart and mean it. And I’m sure some 5 year olds can’t, but I know my son and I know he gets it. Besides, I was the same age when I made this decision and it seems to have stuck! ;)

On a slightly less important, yet still exciting, note: Presley is rolling over from belly to back AND from back to belly. Actually, she’s been doing this for a little over 2 weeks now. She’s also scooting and turning and twisting and doing anything she possibly can to move around the room. Are 3 month olds supposed to be this mobile? I don’t remember Caedmon moving this much till he was about 5 months old. Fellow mothers, is this normal?



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5 responses to “I’ll take "Amazing Moments" for $500, Alex.

  1. C.C.

    This is such wonderfully awesome news!!! Praise God!

    About Presley, it’s been too long since Damaris was that little so I can’t give you any advice on the rolling and such.

  2. Nicole

    Wonderful!! As I was telling Kevin, even this timid, ol’ Southern Baptist girl enjoyed Harvest. Not for the style as much as the people who loved and cared for me. May you find the same acceptance and geniune interest from them as I.

  3. laura

    I have a 3 month old too….
    She trys to roll but isn’t there yet…

    I am so glad to see you.
    Laura Mikel Mayfield


  4. Laura

    hello…again…I just got a blog spot

  5. christi

    Just browsing your blog and had to comment that that is such great and amazing news about your son accepting Jesus!!!

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