Good Times With Caedom Continued

There is a fair amount of boob talk in this edition of “Good Times With Caedom” so if you’re at all squeemish about boob talk, feel free to scroll down and look at the picture of my daughters fauxhawk.

While sitting at a stop sign across the street from our church…

Caedmon: That’s my church.

Me: Yep.

Caedmon: See that cross on top?

Me: Yep.

Caedmon: That’s the real cross that Jesus died on.

Me: Oh yeah?

Caedmon: Yep. It was bigger when he died on it but they shrunk it to put it on top of my church.

While playing with the manual air pump that still hasn’t been put away from setting up his pool…

Caedmon: This thing never runs out of air. Just like your boob!

Amanda: Pardon?!

Caedmon: Ya know…with the milk.

While watching an “8 Minute Abs” commercial…

Caedmon: That guy has big boobs because he works out a lot. Is daddy gonna get big boobs like that?

And now for Presley’s fauxhawk. Believe me, this is all God given. I don’t think I could do this to her hair if I tried!



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2 responses to “Good Times With Caedom Continued

  1. massivetruth

    She gets the hawk from your side of the family.

  2. C.C.

    LOL about the hair. I had to call Russ & Damaris over to get a look and we all had a good laugh. Maybe she’ll have awesome hair in the future!!! :-P

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