It’s Not Easy Being Crunchy

Everyone, at some point in life, should come to West Texas and say “We don’t vaccinate our kids.” It’s good times, really it is. The looks you receive are akin to what you would expect had you said “I’m going to burn my kids on the stake tomorrow, wanna come?”

It’s indescribabley lonely being the only weirdo in a small town of “normal” people. Heaven forbid you go against the flow, or question the word of the almighty doctor, or throw a little money towards the small health food store instead of marching with the herd down to Wal*Mart.

And for some reason Hubby gets a lot less flack for all of this. Why is that? Do people think that I’m the only one making the lifestyle decisions in our house?

So I have no friends. Because all of the stay-at-home-moms think I’m weird and all the working moms think I’m totally nuts.

And then there’s our church friends. You’d think they’d give us a little slack, since we’re all on the same team and whatnot. But, oddly enough, they’re the most critical of anyone. Because, of course, if you’re a Conservative Republican Christian you must cut all ties with anything that might smack of “tree hugging” or “dirty hippies”. Shudder.


Could I BE a little more whiney? Did anyone hear Christ complaining about how rough his life was while he was hanging on the cross? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Tune in next time when Amanda stops throwing her own personal pitty party.



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4 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Crunchy

  1. massivetruth

    Maybe they do give me flac and I am not observant enough. At any rate, I am completely ok with the decisions we have made, flac or no flac.

  2. Anonymous

    Embrace being different and taking a stand for what you think is best for your family. One day you will be so glad that you did.

  3. Allison

    We would be good friends. As I read your opening paragraph, it was as if I was saying those words myself.

  4. Krista Netzley

    I found your blog while googling the “word” crunchy, as I have reconnected with an old friend and that is how she describes herself. more power to you.. DO what is BEST for your kids.. They are YOUR kids, who gives a crap what others think.. I personally did the vaccinations for my daughter however… I had no reason not to…

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