Home Sweet Home Away From Home?

For those of you wondering (and I know there’s a lot of you, right?), the kids and I have been camped out in Artesia since Friday morning. I must admit I was a little scared (read:terrified) to make the 3.5 hour drive with a 4 year old and a 6 week old. However, Presley weathered the trip just fine. She was asleep when we hit the road and managed to stay that way for THREE HOURS!! I had to stop and feed her at that point. However, she ate, passed out, and didn’t wake up till half an hour AFTER we got to my parents house!

I’d continue on with this story, but seriously, I put myself to sleep with that last paragraph. Obviously having the second kid knocked my blogging down a notch.

Perhaps we should rerun a good post. Evil Cashier Lady? Stupid, Stupid Wal-Mart Pharmacist? No?

Wow, this is pathetic.


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One response to “Home Sweet Home Away From Home?

  1. massivetruth

    I miss you so much!

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